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Roy Rogers
A Christian Cowboy

Brenda Castillo, a friend of ours who posts regularly on The Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Message Board, was the inspiration for this page.  I hope you'll come back often!
The words for the title of this site came in part from a song that was written many years ago for children as they looked to their cowboy heros for direction in their lives.
Here are the words to 
A Cowboy For Jesus
Verse 1
I'm just a little fellow, but I always want to be,
a cowboy sticking close to the Man of Galilee.
I want to do some roping of the souls who are in sin,
and keep them all for Jesus in the Holy Ghost Corral.
Verse 2
I haven't got much talent, and I ain't too smart you see.
But I can still love Jesus and He can still love me.
As pardners, all I want to do is satisfy my Boss.
And be the bestest Christian boy (girl) that ever rode a hoss.
I'll be a cowboy, a Christian cowboy, I'll work for Jesus all my days.
And on the prairie or in the city, I'll help to round up all the strays!
 Credits For The Song!
The song "A Cowboy For Jesus" was written by Ira Stanphill in 1948.
Many thanks!  Dave (aka Cowpokey D)